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Ayurvedic Treatment for UTI in Males and Females

Ayurvedic Treatment for UTI in Males and Females

Are you fed up with urinary tract infections (UTI)? UTI is recognized as the second most prevalent type of infection in the human body, impacting both men and women, with women being more susceptible. Ayurveda promises a comprehensive remedy for urinary tract infections using tailored ayurvedic medicines and solutions that address the root cause of your discomfort. In this context, you will receive insights into the Ayurvedic approach to treating urinary tract infections.

Ayurvedic Treatment for UTI in Males and Females
Ayurvedic Treatment for UTI in Males and Females

Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) are widespread, affecting millions of individuals annually. The infection originates in organs such as kidneys, ureters, bladder, or urethra, where urine passes. Ayurveda offers an efficient and gentle solution through herbal treatments with no adverse effects. If you seek immediate Ayurvedic assistance for your condition, feel free to avail a complimentary online consultation.

Urinary tract infections (UTI) in Ayurvedic pathology

Mutrakricchra, a term in Ayurveda, aligns with urinary tract infections (UTI) in contemporary medical science. It is characterized by difficulties during urination. According to Ayurveda, various types of UTIs arise due to the ‘malproportion’ of doshas and dhatus within an individual’s body.

Indulging in the consumption of conflicting foods, an imbalance in the three doshas within the body, and impaired digestion contribute to the generation of toxins, leading to urinary infections.

Symptoms of UTIs

Ayurveda highlights additional factors contributing to urinary infections, including:

  1. Alcoholic consumption
  2. Excessive intake of salty, spicy, and sour foods
  3. Consumption of mutually contradictory foods
  4. Delaying the release of urine
  5. Irregular eating patterns (eating before proper digestion)

How Ayurveda approaches urinary tract infection (UTI) diseases?

The Ayurvedic remedy for urinary tract infections begins by addressing the underlying cause through the administration of potent herbs. Oral intake of herbs such as Indian gooseberry, punarnava, gokshura, shilajit, and kantakari is a fundamental part of the treatment. Additional therapeutic measures, including Basti (enema), Swedana (sudation), and Lepas (body wrapping), are employed to facilitate the healing process of urinary tract infections.

The treatment approach is highly individualized, taking into account factors such as the individual’s toxin levels, the severity of the condition, and age. Ayurvedic treatments are generally devoid of side effects. However, our team of Ayurveda practitioners is readily available to provide proper assistance in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

Some useful dos and don’ts for those with urinary infection!

Here are some valuable tips to incorporate into your lifestyle to help prevent urinary tract infections:


  1. Stay well-hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.
  2. Include herbs such as coriander, cinnamon, and turmeric in your diet.
  3. Opt for loose and comfortable clothing, particularly underwear.
  4. Practice proper hygiene in your genital area, and make it a habit to urinate before and after sexual activity.
  5. Integrate yoga and meditation into your routine.
  6. Strengthen pelvic muscles through Kegel exercises.


  1. Avoid alcohol consumption.
  2. Refrain from holding your urine.
  3. Minimize the intake of excess salt and astringent materials.

Ayuveda Medicine For Urine Infections in Kerala

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